House Design and Technology Exhibition 2024

International Green Architecture and Construction Materials (Shanghai) Expo 2024


Date:August 7-9, 2024

Address: Shanghai World Expo Exhibition and Convention Center

Area: 25,000 square meters


China Council for the Promotion of International Trade, Cooperative & Integrated Building Committee

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Diverse and inclusive urban and rural integrated development makes the economy more resilient and dynamic.

The "14th Five-Year Plan" and the Outline of the 2035 Vision Goals clearly put forward the "in-depth promotion of the people-centered new urbanization strategy." Different urban areas are combining their unique geographical features and humanistic characteristics to find a balance between "production, life and ecology", and explore the new driving force of sustainable development between "low-carbon livable building technology" and "humanistic life aesthetics", so as to build a practical basic platform for urban renewal and rural revitalization.

People's housing needs are "accelerating iteration". With the landing of a new round of investment in Suji tourism area, cultural tourism town, health community and other projects, relying on cultural tourism, health, leisure, sports, elderly care and other focus points, the demand for intelligent, humanized and quality living space has increased in an all-round way. Affordable, healthy, safe, comfortable and beautiful living concepts have a positive impact on people's lifestyle changes, but also for the related indoor and outdoor design, landscape environment, building materials, home furnishing, supporting facilities and other industries to provide a new path for development, enabling the industry to develop in high quality.



As an important part of ESBuild, Shanghai House Design and Technology Exhibition  focuses on the multi-level and multi-angle needs of house users such as house and elderly care, house and resort hotels/homestays, house and new rural construction, and private owners. The exhibition presets 15 subdivision application scenarios, focusing on the five core dimensions of "health, wisdom, low carbon, safety and cost performance", showing the development trend of house such as intelligent house, environmental protection and sustainable house , and personalized customization.

As a professional house exhibition platform, the exhibition will start from the whole industry chain of house design, construction, use and maintenance, and invite domestic and foreign outstanding enterprises, user groups, institutions and competent authorities to participate. By combining the mode of multi-level professional forum activities, the exhibition will create a grand event of science and technology, trade, culture and green house, which will help the international cooperation and development platform of the construction industry and add color to the realization of a better life.

At the same time, the exhibition held a number of special forums and project exchanges to promote the cross-border integration and development of the building materials industry with leisure tourism, health and other industries, and to meet the professional needs of the entire industrial ecosystem such as industrial investment, planning and design, and operation services.



1. House design (house architectural design, interior environment design, interior soft decoration design, outdoor environment design, etc.)

2. House construction (steel structure, wooden structure, modular building, etc.)

3. Enclosure structure (exterior wall decoration system, roof system, door and window system, shading system, etc.)

4. Garden landscape (outdoor ground paving materials, outdoor leisure furniture, fences, water facilities and equipment, landscape stone, sculpture, landscape lighting, garden greening and maintenance, etc.)

5. Living room space ( (furniturewall decoration, floor paving, indoor soft decoration, etc.)

6. Vertical space (house elevator, stairs, etc.)

7. Audio and video entertainment (private theaters, entertainment facilities, high-end fitness equipment, etc.)

8. Security system (surveillance camera, alarm, access control system, etc.)

9. Underground space (parking system, floor materials, lighting system, wine cellar and cold storage system, dehumidification equipment, waterproof system, etc.)

10. house pool (indoor and outdoor private pool, SPA, etc.)

11. Water supply and drainage (pump valve, water recovery, water purification system, sewage treatment facilities, etc.)

12. Comfort system (heating, fresh air system, fireplace, air conditioning, air purification, etc.)

13. New energy (solar thermal,  geothermaletc.)

14.Smart home (smart appliances, smart lights, smart curtains, smart door locks, etc.)

15.  Soft decoration ( jewelry, lighting, fabric, flower and green plants, etc.)



1.Theme Forums

1)        "Homestay + green ecology, enabling the future of leisure vacation"

Focusing on ecological architecture and low-carbon tourism as the core, the forum introduced the development trend and prospect of the construction and tourism industry, promoted the sustainable development of ecological architecture and low-carbon tourism, promoted the cultural tourism industry to enable urban renewal and high-quality development of homestaying, promoted the concept of environmental protection, and strengthened international exchanges and cooperation.

2)        New Rural Construction Design Forum:

With the continuous promotion of rural revitalization, the reform of rural homestead policy, and the continuous rise of beautiful rural construction, modern rural construction has presented a prosperous scene. From the design point of view, the forum will show that the construction of beautiful homes in new rural areas will bring safety, wisdom and modern experience, and promote the integration of urban and rural development.

3)        Villa pension, casting a better life

Under the strategic background of "Healthy China" and "Aging China" promoted by the Chinese government, the state's policy support for the elderly care service industry has gradually strengthened, and the elderly care service form of villa nursing homes will also receive more policy support and encouragement. The forum introduces hot topics such as investment, design, products, and operation with the construction and intelligent management of elderly care villas as the starting point, and discusses the standards of elderly care communities to help the development of elderly care villas.

4)        Good house promotion (Villa)

Arounding the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development launched the concept of "good house", we will hold a number of activities from a fresh case to take you to understand--what is a good house, how to build a good house, how to evaluate a good house, so that a good house into life, improve the quality of life.

2.Thematic activities

1)        The Fifth Summit of Villa Garden Designers

2)        International home decoration art design Summit Forum

3)        Wisdom enjoy life, wisdom see the future - smart home design application forum

4)        The new trend of villa design from the perspective of "home"

5)        The sun shines into life, the villa low-carbon construction summit

6)        When the villa security encountered artificial intelligence

7)        Villa green energy saving and comfort system technology application forum

... to be continued

3.     The 4th reard creative design competition of cultural tourism and rural revitalization 

Based on the realistic contemplation of the modern China's cultural tourism, themed entertainment, and rural revitalization development, it promotes the updating and iterative development of related products in cultural tourism and rural projects . It will also improve green and low-carbon new products, new technologies, and design innovation. Leading the future of the industry with cultural and creative design, it will enhance the connotation of architecture.


1.Through the website, wechat, Baidu search, Tiktok, Kuaishou, small red book and other media channels superimposed widely, timely transmission of exhibition information, the first time to communicate the audience.

2.Through the best quality cooperation media (building materials, real estate professional websites, magazines and newspapers) to catch the industry, the exhibition push full coverage.

3.Contact and communication around the real estate association, decoration association, tourism association, through a variety of forms of cooperation to organize group visits, work together to build a villa exhibition trade platform!

4.Through TV, newspapers, building materials store advertising and other ways for agents, dealers, real estate and construction units and other industry insiders push exhibition information.

5.Increase the distribution of relevant overseas exhibition materials, and expand overseas publicity of the exhibition.

6.Invite foreign historical consulates, trade promotion agencies, business agencies, and relevant foreign industry associations to attract international buyers.

7.Multi-form and multi-session conference activities and summit forums attract the attention, participation and interaction of the industry, focus on the current market hot spots, improve the docking of projects, and create a high-end technical exchange platform.

8.Hundreds of thousands of huge professional audience database, through the network call center, point-to-point invitation.



The last exhibition attracted 359 building materials enterprises from home and abroad. During the three-day’s exhibition, a total of 20280 visitors were attracted. Dual carbon photovoltaic forum, digital forum and other theme forums, house design forum, corporate new product launch and other multi-level activities. Invited all over the country housing system government departments, 35 industry associations to visit the exhibition. The organizer carries out service work in product display, buyer invitation, technical exchange, policy interpretation, project docking and other channels for the conference. At the same time, it also provides strategic planning consultation and potential business opportunities for governments and enterprises across the Yangtze River Delta. The conference attracted buyers such as real estate developers, design institutes, channel providers and construction units to communicate in site.


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